I spent my morning working the South Swell store at the Adrenaline Challenge, a 120 team event in Del Mar, CA. The Del Mar Polo Fields are an amazing facility - flawless grass fields for as far as the eye can see. Here are some shots I took today:

#1 Team Talon was sponsored by Easton and coached by Easton Lacrosse staff. At first I wasn’t convinced, but these helmets might just be starting to grow on me. I love the Talon helmet decal.

#2 Superstar blogger 412 was in attendance coaching his American Revolution team - Coach Tumbas is always recruiting.

#3 Business was brisk at the South Swell store. The kids kept us on our toes all day long with questions about the new gear we were carrying.

#4 This kid got crushed, but jumped right back up and finished the play - I love that in a kid, and I’m sure the college coaches on the sideline agree.

#5 Ryan Powell isn’t one of those guys who just puts his name on a program. The dude was coaching his tail off all day for this Rhino program.

#6 A Lax Dawg HS player rocking Adrenaline Mambas, a carbon fiber Headwrapz, Headstrong Brine gloves and a chrome STX Proton Power.

#7 Custom Warrior Lax Dawg Riot gloves. Coach Meehan loves these.

#8 Lax Fields as far as the eye can see. Team Adrenaline runs the show like no other.

#9 I was lucky enough to coach Bobby as freshman. He’s a great kid turning out to be one of the best attackman in all of SD.

#10 Go Pro camera work courtesy of the Golden Gate club out of SF. They were in a dog fight with the Burnaby team when I had to leave.  

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